Guide to the selection of men's casual clothes

Do not worry, you are not the only man who is in trouble when it comes to chosing the right outfit for a special, festive event.  You should not be afraid of dress codes and do not even have to bother studying the dress code etiquette. It is enough to read our style guide and next time you are going to give advice to your friends in case a bow tie or tails comes up in a conversation.



For a formal event after six in the evening the best choice is an elegant black tuxedo with roll- collar or pointed lapels. Such occasion may be a wedding, an opera, a concert or a dinner with dancing.
The tuxedos with elegant cut are available in trendy, slim fit style as well. Wing collar white shirt, bow tie, vest with black or colored cummerbund suits it perfectly.
You may choose to wear a tuxedo if the dress code says  "black tie" on the invitation card.


Casual suit or Party jacket

Sporty style elegant suits are more trendy in style and color. The tiny details such as the cut of the pockets and lapels emphasize the stylistic difference. You may wear white or champagne-colored shirt with a matching vest, scarf, tie or bow tie with it. This is the perfect choice for parties, social events, just as well as for weddings.


Wedding suit

The wedding suit or tuxedo can be an alternative to tails. In case you are planning a less formal or smaller wedding, choose a suit for the ceremony! The range is very wide. The suits often have extended cut. These pieces are made of Single-color, striped or patterned fabric, generally in subdued colors. Elegant white or champagne-colored shirts, fashionable vest, tie or scarf shall be added for the immaculate look. The assembly must harmonize with the bride's wedding dress. In addition to weddings, you can also appear wearring a wedding suit at parties, family celebrations.


Party tuxedo

It is a classic outfit for a variety of social events, or even for a romantic evening on a pleasure boat. The sharp or lapel styles should be worm with wing-collar shirts , black pants, cummerbund and bow tie to wear. To crown the top wear it with a pocket handkerchief. We recommend it for weddings, cocktail parties and elegant cruises trips.



This timeless casual clothing for formal events have pique shirt, waistcoat, bow tie and black patent leather shoes. A special event can enhance the overall impact, if you wear the black jacket with black silk top hat and white scarf.
Wear tails only for evening occasions - weddings- balls, and when you see "white tie" on the invitation.


Cut-away coat

The cut-away coat is the tails of daytime events. You should wear it before 6pm. The traditional black or gray cut away coat should be worn with  striped pants, with gray or colored waistcoat and white or ivory-colored shirt. The shirt collar can be traditional or winged collar shirt.
Wear it with a scarf or silk tie, pocket handkerchief and black or gray hat according to taste.
We recommend wearring a cutaway for grooms at mainly traditional, large weddings.

Clothing is not everything, perfection is in the details! Be careful with what accessories you chose for the casual wear!

The most popular ones are the black, thin shoe-laced, leather sole  pieces. The stylish patent leather shoes are optional with elegant suits and it is compulsory with tails.

The cummerbund is worn with official festive suits. The colors and Colors and styles should adapt to the bow-tie. The folds are down on it.

Pocket handkerchief
The pocket handkerchief must be harmonizing with the tie, bow tie or scarfs’ material. The look can be varied with different folding technics.

Bow ties
For the tails white bow tie and  and for elegant suits restrained colored bow tie is recommended. A tuxedo shall only be worn with a bow tie!

For casual clothes wearing a scarf  is the combination of tie and scarf. The multi-layer material will be held together with a not. The accessory of the cutaway  and wedding suit. The color should match with the vest.

Are you planning to attend an elegant and special event? Sign in to us, we will help you and we guarantee you will have the perfect appearance!

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