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Ordering a suit

Our salon has a really wide range of suits, however, it might occur that you prefer one of the suits from our catalog. In this case, there is a possibility to choose and order ready-made suits from the catalog. 

Custom Suit design and make

How many times has it happen to you that you tried on a suit and when looking in the mirror you realized that even though it is your size, it still does not fit well? It is a frequent phenomenon among gentlemen that ready-made suits do not fit perfectly. The sleeves are too short or too long, does not follow the back, it is too big, or cannot be buttoned comfortably.

In these cases the solution is custom made suits!

Have you ever tried to get a custom made suit sewn? Were you not perfectly satisfied because they could not create your imagined piece? Did you have to give up on the perfect suit due to material, thread or lack of buttons?

This will definitely not happen in our salon!

  • We make custom suits with the dream of your design.
  • Thanks to the Corpus Line by Wilvorst  collection there is a great variety of materials, thread and buttons so you can design and have your desired suit.
  • You can have your shirt  and custom made suit monogrammed.
  • The mentally envisioned suit plan can be designed by the design software developed by the German WILVORST company. So you can easily imagine what will be the suit like in reality. Would you like to make changes? Any part of the virtual suit projected on a 48’’ monitor can be changed, so we'll only order the perfect suit for you! After your order the German factory is going to prepare your custom-designed suit in 4 weeks!


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Custom made suits

Do you need help with the designing process?
However big a treasure  the world of creativity may be, it may cause just as much of a headache for those who have no specific idea what the wished suit would be like! Do not worry! In our salon our experienced colleagues await you in  a comfortable environment with personalized service and while sitting on a couch having a good cup of coffee, they will help you plan your perfect custom suit!

You do not wish to design?

If you like a suit in our salon that we do not have in your size, we can order it for you in a way that the result will be perfect!


Wishing to have a custom made suit? Do not hasitate to contact us!

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