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Clothing says a lot about you, which is why the shirt you are wearing is so important. Whether it is a wedding shirt, business or casual version, choose carefully!

Do you have to wear a suit at work every day? Feel like bringing life into your wardrobe? Are you looking for something unique? Here is the secret: the soul of the man's business wear is the slim-fit, good quality shirt.
In our salon you can have a unique, personalized shirt made  and it is guaranteed  that noone will leave it without words in your office or among your clients.

You can choose from Shirts among brands as Eterna, WILVORST, and the Niklas Robert. If you really want these shirts to look great on you, you should get yourself measured and have your custom shirt made accordingly. Among these brands you can find  in shark's neck and the classic wide-necked shirt, and  you may ask for either classic blue or white as well.

The specialty of Eterna swiss brand, that there is more flexibility and possibility in parameters: for example, you can choose a wide or thin neck, comfort, modern and slim fit style, and even the sleevs are variable.

Wilvorst makes classic, clear shirts on a very high quality with long experience behind.

Robert Niklas is a hungarian brand, which makes its men’s shirts with new, youthful, trendy approach with excellent Italian materials.

Do you like one of the men’s shirt brands? Be specific, ask yourself a custom made shirt!

Take a look at our collection and click on the brands.



Eterna men's shirt | Budapest


Men's shirt | Wilvorst

Robert Niklas

Robert Niklas custom made shirt, uniqe size