Vintage wedding - vintage wedding suit!

Vintage-style weddings are becoming more popular nowadays. The popularity of the vintage trend also influenced wedding fashion.
So much so that there are a large number of vintage groom suits in the big brands offer - You can see a variety of full vintage sets in the collections of WILVORST and Tziacco. You'll find your favourite vintage wedding suit in the Men's Suit Shop!

You can quickly and easily find the ideal groom's suit and the necessary accessories in one place. Suits can be ordered in different sizes and colors in our salon. In case if you want a really unique and personalized groom suit, you only need to arrive in time*, to have time for a custom size production.
(*In such cases, 8 weeks must be counted.)

Wilvorst vintage groom suit

For a comfortable dress rehearsal, please log in to our salon. At the selected time, we only listen to you, we help you with our skills and patience to make the best choice! Do not hesitate to contact us!

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We welcome you in our salon where we offer you our extended collection in an even more comfortable, exclusive atmosphere! Take a look at our wedding suits, business suits and collections, try the new collection of Atelier Torino key pieces of business suits, pick and choose from the exceptional quality Eterna shirts! Come and find the appropriate men's casual wear for the event!

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Find our extended Tommy Hilfiger collection in our shop!

Tommy Hilfiger Tailored suits and shirts are also waiting for you with sweaters, scarves, bags, belts and other accessories!

Tommy Hilfiger brand

Tommy Hilfiger brand in Budapest


Get the most out of your business appearance! Be a real men - with an own, engaging style!

Stylish look is especially important in the business life. You can find the best business suit which is suits your personality! You can choose from the following brands: Atelier Torino and Tommy Hilfiiger. From the traditional to modern, slim-fit styles, you can try a lot of version about business suits. Our expert colleagues will help you to choose the right style and size!

Find the new collections in our shop!

Atelier Torino business suit

The occasion asks for a business suit?
Is it important that the chosen wedding suit would be elegant and comfortable?
Are you looking for smooth and professional service?

Choose from the business suit and wedding suit collection of our Men’s wear salon! Our brands are among the most popular in the field of groom suits and accessories in the international and domestic market. The Atelier Torino business suit collection is characterized by German precision combined with Italian design. The WILVORST wedding suit collection represents luxurious elegance. In the Tziacco groom suits, exclusive materials and custom workmanship is combined.

Find your best suit in Budapest! We welcome you in our salon after having made an appointment only for your comfort! 

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Tommy Hilfiger Tailored Budapest

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